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Selling your real estate note can expose you to people and companies trying to take advantage of you and others.

At Capital Assets Group LLC, we deliver on our promises and work with you get you top dollar for your mortgage notes.

How Our Process Works

Our process is very simple.  Once you fill out our online form, we offer you a free, no obligation mortgage note assessment.  We do our research and offer you the best lump cash sum for your notes.  It’s that easy.  The whole process can take as little as 10-15 days to complete.

Initial Consultation

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Initial Consultation

It’s easy sell your mortgage notes.  Click here to fill out the out the form or just give us a call. There is never any obligation or pressure to sell by contacting us, we are here to educate!

Investment Research

We consider all of the factors before we make you the best, top dollar cash offer.  We take the time to make sure you understand how we came to our valuation, so you feel comfortable with the deal.  There is never any obligation to sell!

Earn Returns

We offer you the best cash offer for your mortgage notes, period.  We make sure you are paid quickly once the deal closes so you can move on with life.  There is no need to wait years to recoup your investment with monthly payments from a buyer.  Gives us a call today or fill out our online form.

We Buy Homes in All 50 States

Capital Assets Group LLC buys notes nationwide.  Whether you want to invest or have non performing notes you would like to sell, contact us today!